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Top 5 Cloud Solutions for Smartphone Users

»Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Cloud | 0 comments

In the tech industry today, “cloud” is the buzzword that is taking the market by storm. While many computer users have learned exactly how beneficial cloud computing can be, it is still a relatively new field in the smartphone niche. Since smartphones are basically like small computers, it’s no stretch to think that smartphone users would benefit from having cloud access on their phones. Here are a few of the top cloud solutions for smartphone users:


iCloud is one of the most well-known cloud solutions for smartphones. It is an Apple product and is only available for iPhone users or users of other Apple products. With iCloud, anything that you have on your iPhone will automatically become available on your computer or your other Apple devices. For example, if you take a picture on your iPhone, it will show up on your iPad or your home computer without having to do anything.


Binu is a service that makes it possible for any mobile phone to gain access to cloud services. It essentially turns any phone into a smartphone. With Binu, apps are run in the cloud and can be accessed on the phone. Data can also be stored in the cloud from the phone.


Google has a number of different services that can be integrated with cloud technology. If you have an Android phone, you can sync your contacts, appointments, documents, and other information to Google services for free. Other smartphones can also integrate into Google cloud services with the proper applications.


Dropbox is a cloud-based program that makes it possible to share files between a smartphone and any computer. Once the Dropbox app is on the phone, users can simply put files into it and they will immediately become available on any computer that is linked to the same account with the Dropbox program on it

Data Centers

When a company needs a large number of smartphones that can have access to cloud services, a data center may be in order. A data center is a facility that makes it possible for companies to remotely access servers that they house. Digital Realty is one example of a data center that offers this type of service. This is a large scale solution for companies who have many smartphones. With these cloud services and many more on the way, it’s possible for smartphone users to branch out and do more while on-the-go. The smartphone cloud market is just getting started, and will continue to expand in the future.

Guest Post: This article is written by Becky W. She is a freelance writer that loves to write on a number of different topics such as technology, health and sports. In her spare time she loves to try new dishes in the kitchen and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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